Enlisted Heritage House History


The Enlisted Heritage House is a grand, historic home that overlooks Anchor Bay in Lake St. Clair and is located at 409 Lufberry, Selfridge Air National Guard Base. Previously known as “Quarters One” or “The General’s House,” the home was completed in 1935, is 3,187 square feet, and costs $14,615 to build. Originally built as housing for senior military officers, the home served as the base commander’s home before World War II. It became a nurse’s quarters accommodating seven nurses during World War II. Sometime after that war, it reverted to officer’s quarters.

The home again served as nurse’s quarters during the early years of the Vietnam War. The home became vacant in 2007 and began to fall into disrepair until the members of the 127th Wing Chief Master Sergeant’s Council proposed an effort to save it. Retired Chief Master Sergeants Wayne Fetty, Mike Carroll, and Senior Master Sergeant Brian Henke worked together to make the dream a reality.

The lease was signed in October 2014, and the group worked on the organization’s plan for several months. The final papers were signed in July 2015, and the House officially became known as the Enlisted Heritage House.

The interior is now fully renovated, and the house hosts meetings, training, promotion, retirement, change of command ceremonies, and military family events.

The Enlisted Heritage House hosts many community events for Selfridge families throughout the year, including an Easter Egg Hunt with Pony Rides and a Petting Zoo, military unit picnics, a Golf Outing, a Trunk or Treat, and a Christmas Tree Lighting.

EHH Board of Directors 2023-25

  • President – Joan Fetty
  • Vice President – Doug Isham
  • Treasurer – Adrian Law
  • Secretary – Mario Jimenez
  • Curator – Wayne Fetty
  • Sustainment – Blake Dew & Susan Biard
  • Fundraising – Lori Stillwell
  • Events – Maria Shibbish
  • Marketing – Bruce Hoffman
  • Social Media  – Kim Anderson
  • Membership –Sarah Dewitt
  • Technology – Heather Bell

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Enlisted Heritage House

Helping to preserve a valued part of military history at Selfridge ANGB.